Hi, Welcome to my website – Lost in the Wood! 

My name is Kit Mallabar and I am a third-year student of History, Heritage and Archaeology at Plymouth University.  For my final year Heritage assignment, I was asked to carry out an original piece of historical research and present this as a contemporary heritage project. What you see here before you is the result. I hesitate to say “final result”, as I do intend for this to be an on-going piece of research, which I will return to after my graduation this summer. What I am publishing on this website today, therefore, is (hopefully) just the beginning of a much larger and more comprehensive study of the village where I grew up.

For those of you who have known the Buckholt for many years, you may remember me as Katy Keywood, daughter of Sue Keywood, formerly of Chesil Bank but now resident at the Old Mill. My family and I moved to the Buckholt when I was five years old, in 1980 (I’ll leave you to do the maths!) and we have called the village home ever since.

As a child I spent many happy hours playing freely in the wood behind our cottage and over my lifetime I have come to know almost every single one of its hidden nooks and crannies. Today the extensive and forboding conifer plantations belie the life that once filled this forest through so many centuries, yet the evidence is all around if you know where to look. I have called this website “Lost in the Wood”, because so much of the Buckholt’s history has indeed become lost in the wood, but I’m hoping these studies will go some way toward remedying that.

Partly because the Buckholt Wood has always been at the heart of the village, and partly because it is a place that I know and love so well, I decided to start the project here. In time I hope to add much more information about the wider community and to stretch my research further back in time, but for now, this website is focussed primarily on the history of the Buckholt Wood from the 18th century onwards.

I’m so happy to be able to share my research with you all and I very much hope that you all enjoy reading about the life and times of all our village friends who walked these paths before us, and to whose memory this project is dedicated.

Best wishes to you all,


p.s. I would gladly welcome any contributions of historical information, photos or stories about the village and its people to add to this site and my growing archive of Buckholt info. Please do get in touch -my email is on the website.